Couples who divorce through litigation are often anxious about the future and angry about the past. The tension and animosity that surrounds litigated divorce frequently results in drawn-out legal battles, vindictive behavior, and a lot of stress. But for many couples, the time, expense, and emotional strain of litigation is all unnecessary.

Our firm offers an alternative model. Collaborative divorce has a solution-focused structure that focuses on working together as a team to achieve the best outcome for everyone. In a non-adversarial environment, divorcing couples are encouraged to express their wants and needs, negotiate an arrangement, and resolve conflict without setting foot in court.

Stay in Control and Reach Your Goals

Unlike traditional divorce involving litigation, divorcing spouses have full control of the decisions made – rather than giving that control to a judge. With the support of our firm, you can work together to:

  1. Agree on the fair division of your assets quickly and effectively
  2. Solve problems jointly and ensure both your points-of-view are heard
  3. Restructure and preserve your future relationship as ex-spouses
  4. Prevent an exhausting, drawn-out process, a public court hearing, and unnecessary stress on you and your kids
  5. Maximize your financial outcome by avoiding court fees and other expenses

Reaching these goals starts with pledging to be part of a respectful process that leads to an out-of-court resolution. Doing so sets the tone for a neutral and productive divorce.


Below are answers to a few common questions about collaborative divorce.

Why would I choose collaborative divorce over traditional divorce?

Divorce is a difficult situation for anyone to endure, but the process of divorcing does not need to add more emotional pain. Our firm’s collaborative divorce approach will bring out the best in you as you work toward your resolution. As a team, we focus on maximizing opportunity and reaching a great outcome for everyone involved – including your children.

How much does collaborative divorce cost?

Each couple’s needs are different, so we customize our approach to suit their individual situation.  We know from many years of practice that the litigation divorce is much more expensive.

Do I still have to be in constant communication with my spouse?

We know that during divorce, communication can be strained even under the best of circumstances. However, keeping the lines of communication open is essential for reaching an efficient agreement. We facilitate face-to-face meetings with you, your spouse, and the rest of your team as needed. These sessions produce an honest exchange of information and expression of needs and expectations.

Get Started

If you have decided to get divorced, the first step is to discuss your options during a meeting with our collaborative law firm in Phoenixville. Our team offers different consultation options, and your spouse is welcome to join us as well.

Contact Bort Law today to schedule a meeting. It can be the first step toward a collaborative and mindful divorce resolution.


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