The key difference between Collaborative Law Practice and conventional divorce is the
pledge to reach an agreement before going to court. You and your spouse keep control of the
decisions yourselves, rather than giving it up to a judge. In order to accomplish that, all of
the parties consent in writing to be part of a respectful process that leads to an out of court
resolution. With Collaborative Law Practice, the goal is to develop effective relationships,
solve problems jointly, and prevent a court battle.

Even under the best of circumstances, communication can be strained as a relationship is
ending. Yet keeping the lines of communication open is essential for reaching an agreement.
Collaborative Law Practice provides for face-to-face meetings with you, your spouse, your
respective lawyers and your team as needed. These sessions are intended to produce an
honest exchange of information and expression of needs and expectations. When the issues
are openly discussed, problem solving can be direct and solutions-oriented.

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