The Amicable Divorce Process

An amicable divorce is a compassionate alternative to litigation, based on an informed, collaborative approach.

The Amicable Divorce Process

1. Select Attorneys

Each spouse selects an Amicable Divorce Network attorney and establishes an attorney-client relationship. You begin to receive personalized, confidential advice from seasoned lawyers who are committed to an amicable resolution of your divorce.

2 – Commit to the Process

You mutually commit to the Amicable Divorce Process, which provides a step-by-step roadmap for your divorce. There is no destructive and costly litigation.

3 – Establish Rules

You voluntarily commit to follow certain ground rules and guidelines that reduce stress and uncertainty, such as refraining from making any unilateral changes related to the children or unusual financial transactions.

4 – Identify Issues and Experts

The parties and attorneys identify and focus on issues that are most important to you and begin to discuss solutions. If needed, other Network professionals are utilized, such as mental health, financial and real estate experts.

5 – Disclose Finances

In a guided process, the parties exchange financial Affidavits and documents by which they disclose all assets and liabilities. If child support or alimony is at issue, sources and explanations of income are included.

6 – Negotiate and Mediate

The divorce is resolved through fully informed, good faith negotiation. Settlement efforts may be facilitated by a Network mediator, who is trained to help parties reach an amicable compromise. If mediation is unsuccessful, a Network arbitrator (sometimes known as a “private judge”) makes final and binding decisions. The case never goes to court.

7 – Draft and Sign Documents

The attorneys draft final legal documents tailored to conform with state law and local court rules. With all terms settled, a judge signs the divorce decree.

8 – Start the Rest of Your Life

Your divorce is complete, having never stepped foot in a courtroom. You have saved your family money, and reduced stress.  Start the rest of your life, knowing that you chose a healthier way to divorce!

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