Mindful Divorce

Litigation is not necessary for everyone who needs to resolve a family law issue. Bort Law offers mediation and collaborative alternatives for mindful divorce, custody arrangements, alimony, and other matters.

We practice under the philosophy that a mindful approach to divorce and family law is a highly effective way to reach simple and graceful solutions. Our mindful divorce and family law methods have helped hundreds of families avoid tense, lengthy and exhausting court battles.

What is Mindfulness?

The term mindfulness refers to being in the “here and now.” Taking a mindful approach to divorce and family law means that the parties are present in this moment to work through issues and discuss their needs, concerns, and expectations. Their dialogue allows them to build and restructure a new kind of relationship for the future, all the while working toward a productive agreement in a safe environment.

Taking the Pledge

A key difference between collaborative family law and litigation is the pledge to reach an agreement without going to court. Before moving forward, the parties must consent in writing to work respectfully toward an out-of-court resolution.

Opening a Productive Dialogue

Even under the best of circumstances, communication between soon-to-be-ex spouses is likely strained. However, keeping the lines of communication open is an essential component to reaching an agreement in a mindful manner. We facilitate face-to-face, collaborative meetings with the parties and their collaborative team as needed. These sessions produce an honest, productive, and amicable exchange of information and points-of-view.

Maintaining Control

By utilizing our mediation and collaborative divorce methods, divorcing spouses stay in control throughout the decision-making process. Instead of leaving critical decisions in a judge’s hands, couples work toward a durable and fair agreement alongside a team of experienced professionals.

Establishing a Bright Future

Even if a marriage ends, spouses still move on with many of the same obligations and responsibilities. Avoiding unneeded tension during the resolution process allows for a productive relationship in the future. Our mindful approaches help spouses and families transition from working together in one way to working together in another way.

Getting Started

Contact Bort Law today to schedule a meeting. A member of our team can discuss more details about our mindful approach to family law and the services we offer.